Types of Sessions

The Natal Reading is focused on your birth chart, life purpose and soul work. During the session, each planet and the placement of planets is read for meaning, purpose and self understanding. This reveals new awareness, strengthens your sense of self and direction, and sheds light on the circumstances of your birth, childhood, past lives and relationships.

The Combined Natal and Transit Reading includes an in-depth look at your current situation and forecast for one year ahead. Each of the major planetary transits to natal planets are covered, including dates to be aware of for challenges, difficulties and opportunities.

The In-depth Healing Session is focused on a particular issue or situation, be it physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. The natal chart, transit chart and intuition, are used to pinpoint pertinent information from the past and present, and archetypal and transpersonal influences, to assist in the healing process. Intuition is further used as a guide for what is needed and methods to employ.

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