How to Schedule a Session

Send an e-mail to

Reserve your scheduled session by making payment. Click here for rates and information on how to pay: Rates and Payments.

Include your Birth Information when scheduling. Thank you.


  • Birth date - month / day / year
  • Place of birth - city / state / country
  • Time of birth - hour / minute / am or pm (exact time can often be found on the birth certificate; next best source is often the mother's memory or another family member)*
  • First & Last Name - Use either the name that you are currently using (birth name, married name, self-given, or spiritual name) or name given at the time of your birth - which ever you prefer.
*If time of birth is unknown, a chart is cast for 12 noon. This places the position of the planets within a 12 hour range of the exact time. It reveals nearly exact positioning of the planets in the chart (other than the Moon) by degree within the zodiac signs and the aspects of planets to one another. This yields the largest percentage of the information necessary. Because the Moon moves approximately 13 degrees per day, its position is estimated and if close to the end of one sign or beginning of another, an intuitive estimation is used to determine the likely placement. Often there are additional indicators within the chart that point to the possible sign and position.

For your session you may want to have pen and paper for note taking. While the session is recorded for you (if desired) it can be beneficial to note specific dates and information during the reading. Afterwards, a digital file of your recording can either be emailed to you through Joanne's account with Gmail, or a CD by postal mail.


To make a cancellation or reschedule a pre-scheduled session, please send an email to, no less than 24 hours before your scheduled session, within 48 hours whenever possible. (This helps make it possible for your time to be filled by someone waiting for a session. Thank you.) You will be called back to reschedule your appointment as close to your message as possible. The full fee for the length of session reserved is due if cancellation is made in less than 24 hours, unless in the case of an illness or emergency.

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