Client Comments

Comments from Colleagues

"Joanne Masters has developed a really marvelous way of weaving astrological knowledge with her intuition. With Joanne, the intuitive is right on and the astrological is right on."
- Anne Armstong, Internationally known Psychic Counselor. Anne and her work have been written about by world renowned psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, MD,Ph.D., author of When The Impossible Happens, ©2006, Sounds True Inc., Pg 197-202

"Joanne is highly intuitive so she can quickly tap into what an individual needs then bridge supportive information. Articulate and clear, she translates the information into clarity for someone who doesn't know anything about astrology. She draws on a rich body of experience in living and teaching, while weaving in her knowledge of psychology, spiritual practice and indigenous wisdom to form a very rich, supportive experience."
- Diana Stone, Founder & President, Center for Spiritual Democracy