Client Comments


What Joanne's Clients Have Said...

"Thank you for a great session! I can't tell you how enthused I get when we have a reading scheduled."

"Thank you for walking along side me for this part of the journey in such wise, loving and understanding ways. I am very blessed."

"I can't begin to thank you enough for being there for me Joanne." "i can not explain to you how totally blessed i feel to be meeting with you. so much knowledge you have!"

"blessings joanne. i needed all of the wisdom you shared. ty"

"Thanks for all the work you do in this ever moving puzzle we call life."

"Thank you so much for being there. I cherish your help and our connection."

"My mother doesn't have a computer or email. She wanted to extend her gratitude to you again. As I mentioned her vision has slightly improved over the past 2 months. She can read 2 lines on the chart that she couldn't before her session with you and working with the water colors. She wanted you to know that she was so amazed at how you knew things about the people that have crossed over. Overall she feels much better and she said you gave her great advice, especially regarding writing the letters."

"My mother was listening to the recording of her reading with you again yesterday which she is loving."

"Thank you so much for the session Tuesday. I am so grateful for your intuitiveness, gentleness and for providing such a safe space. My journey is so enriched with your guidance. I am very grateful for you!"

"Joanne, you are so deeply gifted in your 'art' of combining all of who you are, what you know, your experiences in vast areas of human healing/growth/archetypal wisdom, and more."

"Thank you again. I appreciate that I could speak and feel heard (not judged) on some very touchy topics."

"Thank you for the great reading and for the charts."

"Beautiful ...... that's how the reading was tooooooo !!!!! Mahalo"

"I listened to my husband's reading today, and I quite enjoyed the experience, lovely to receive."

"Thank you so much for all you do, and all your good energy!"

"Your "3 Questions by Email" Reading is like a fine meal or exquisite glass of fine wine."

"Hi Joanne, Another brilliant Starlight "Weather" Report! (currently "Starlight from Maui") Thank you. I'm in a rough way right now, blackness and fear, so reading this brings me into the now which helps. I would like to check out my chart to see what is going on, and see if that would help me now. When might you have some available times, the sooner the better. (-: Thank you!"

"Hi Joanne, Just wanted to say thank you so much. Your wise and insightful demeanor is a blessing to me."

"My friend seemed to be in a quandary I thought you would be able to shed some light upon. Glad to be able to connect people with questions to people with answers."

"Just wanted to say thank you, again. I greatly appreciate all that you brought to the reading yesterday, Joanne. Wishing you the best!"

"Joanne, I just listened to the tape of our session from last year and I was reminded of how powerful the reading was and how gifted you are. I just wanted to say "thank you".

"Thanks to you also Joanne. I always feel "lifted" after our sessions."

"I am very grateful for this information, Joanne. I hope you are well and happy. Life is... interesting.... And as long as I can find my way to openness and relaxing into things, I am good. When I clutch and attach, I get compressed. Your reading for me has been a gift that keeps on giving. And I am so glad for [my two dear friends] finding their way to you... Sending you much love as always..."

"Thank you so much for your amazing insights today and the charts. It is very inspiring to talk with you. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to call upon your wisdom and intuitive abilities."

"Sometime in Jan/Feb I would love to get "the works" re: my full chart with soul personality symbols related to the Tarot! It sounds like a wonderful thing to do now. I want to understand my life more deeply than ever before as I enter my next year."

"I loved our last conversation, and found it so helpful."

"Our last session was truly amazing and blessed to have access to your insights."

"Thanks for your latest astrology letter; it was immensely helpful. My week at the school was wild with much emotion flying around the school community. So much was up and charged. Your reading was bang on!"

"Dear Joanne, late response to your "newsletter". I want to thank you for taking the time to write us and send them to us. It is an act of royal generosity and of great service and benefit."

"Hi Joanne, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and found great satisfactions in the readings you did for me. I have gone back to Tarnas [Cosmos and Psyche, by Richard Tarnas] and refreshed my recollections of some of his ideas. So this has enhanced my understanding of what he is saying and also given me an up-to-date experience of your considerable AND SIGNIFICANT expertise and use of your special intuitive gift. It is considerable at this point and something I think you can use to all who contact you. Thanks again."

"Thanks, Joanne. I loved my reading--so much great information and so much to look forward to. I so appreciate you, your gifts and knowledge. Mucho gracias!!!"

"My daughter was delighted with her astrology reading. She took tons of notes and shared many of them with me. She seems more excited about returning to school and pursuing Political Science again. Actually she called last night to tell me HOW much she's enjoying Microeconomics! I love seeing her so passionate about school!"

"Thank you for shining the light on my true self. The strength and courage it has given me has been life-saving."

"Thank you for offering me such an enlightening morning. I greatly appreciate your knowledge and warmth. The information you shared is sparkling with empowering, enticing and exciting possibilities. I'll soon be in touch for Part Deux! Fond regards"

"I'm so glad you are still doing this!!! I look forward to it every year, New Year and again for my birthday. I'd like to do the 1 1/2 hours and I like you to pick the combo you like to do. Then I like to do the Sun Return [for my birthday]".

"We are sending a big thank you for all your astrological and native wisdom in advising us on our dates. All is well. We did it and now have been married three weeks. In August, each step came together with such ease and joy that the stars and planets must have been saying yes to us, as were our family and friends, including you. With love and gratitude."

"Thanks so much Joanne. I love doing this every year."

"WOW!! I have experienced it all this time around - we close on our new home next week - I have two international guests coming for a week on Monday, a depressed family member, a granddaughter is having to go on medication sooner than expected! etc. etc. etc! However - When you suggested that I chant "Om Mane Padme Hum" [a Tibetan Buddhist prayer for compassion] in my reading with you I didn't realize that I would remember that advice in the middle of this chaos. THANKS!!!! It has saved me the past few days!

"I had a reading with you over the phone back in June. I have been listening to the tape, and some things are really playing out just as you described! I would like to get gift certificates for readings for my two sons for Christmas."

"I can't thank you enough for everything ! Your reading of my son's chart was so encouraging, and the school you recommended seems like a good lead."

"Dear Joanne, thank you again for this wonderful weekend. It was pure nourishment for the soul." (participant from a weekend workshop)

"Joanne, I thought that you would like to know that there is congruence between your past life reading and something my aunt once told my sister many years ago. My aunt was born with very Asian-looking eyes (but she is definitely not part Asian). In fact, she was teased a lot as a child because she because of it and it was always quite a mystery. She told my sister that she believed that in a former life she had been a beautiful Japanese princess who was very vain and that it was her karma to be born with her Asian looks in a culture where it was not appreciated! Cool, huh? Good work!
Something else amazing happened after the reading with you! My aunt started responding to us! I just spoke to her on the phone and told her that we loved her very much and that we were sending her love and thinking about her all the time. She thanked me and told me that she appreciated everything that we were doing for her! It could be just that the prozac finally kicked in, but you never know! Love does amazing things! Thanks again!!"

"I am astounded at how the chart you created for me is coming to fruition. Even though I know it is true, something about everything actually happening is so? well? REAL."

"Our daughter absolutely LOVED her time with you! She was so excited and wants to share her tape with us...and we thank you for being who you are and doing what you do! We feel you've just made a big difference in our daughter's life and you certainly have made a difference in ours!!"

"Thank you for the brilliant work with me last week. It was the perfect session that I wanted to experience so that I would be centered inside my life mission again. I'm truly grateful."

"Dear Joanne, What would I do without you! I think we were in "sacred space" this morning. Very special and helpful reading. You're the best!"

"Everything you said rang true. Thank you! With much appreciation."

"Dear Joanne, since the first time I heard you speak, your words and presence have provided comfort, insight, vision and understanding. You create an atmosphere for compassion and rising consciousness - it can't help but happen! Thank you for all that you are giving to me and to the world."

"Joanne, thank you so much for sharing your great skill. Your long time relationship with the spirit work sure helps the view!"

"Joanne, thank you for helping to find my heart."

"Thank you for the information on natural healing and the confirmation of what I was thinking. This is a big shift in my life away from drugs to natural remedies. Probably part of the control issue and letting go of old patterns. Took 5 weeks. What a hard head! And I forgive me."

"Thank you Joanne for all your great work!"

"Wow....what a session I had! Thank you so much for all you did. The work was extremely meaningful to me. I so appreciate your guiding/coaching (always felt just right and well timed), and your acceptance of me. In that, you model that particular something that I'm learning about (accepting me) very well."

"Thank you Joanne, for your wonderful reading! I do love the way you look at the information!"

"Life continues to unfold in intense and beautiful ways. Sometimes I feel like I live whole month within a week. I'm so grateful to have you as a guide at this time of my life."

"Many many thanks for yesterday's session. I am feeling better, more clear about what some of my choices are and where some of this emotional deluge is coming from. Thank you for your generosity...I am moved by your kindness."

"Thank you so much for the support and the incredible role you are playing in my life. It has been most beneficial and I am feeling much better."

"Just our conversation helped and gave me perspective. I never think that what is going on in me is a reflection of something on the global level. This is a new insight. Thank you."

"Joanne, I am so grateful for all you have done to support me through this difficult time. I feel so fortunate to be gifted with your blessings of wisdom, shared tears and generosity."

"I have gotten a new office and I feel very happy about it. I love my new's all mine. I left the old places, it's all worked out and I'm just really happy. Thank you for your astrological counseling on my Birthday. I remember at the time that I thought this would be impossible. Your support has been great and I just really appreciate it so much. Thank you."

"Thank you very very much for your reading. It truly answered my questions. This is going to sound crazy, but for the longest time I kept wondering if in fact the hospital possibly screwed up and didn't record the correct time of birth - for instance, I'd read the forecasts for Pisces, and they often seemed more accurate. But now I can see that I was born at the time indicated, because everything you stated described me to a T - if that doesn't sound immodest. You obviously know a LOT about astrology, and I am deeply grateful for your help. The next time I need a reading, I'll contact you. I'm keeping your letter in my Incoming Mail basket with all the information you provided. Thank you so very much!"

"I am excited to work with you. Thank you for your wisdom, compassion and insight."

"Joanne, thank you so much for the insightful and informative astrological reading. It definitely provided much food for thought. Thank you also for your words of encouragement!"

"Dear Joanne, a note to thank you for your generous and loving spirit. I am so grateful for your willingness to be present with me in a time of deep sadness. I am constantly amazed and inspired by your beautiful open heart."

"Dear Joanne, thanks so much for all the work you've done with me. You have really helped me to go on and help others. Thanks so much for everything!"

"Thank you for the support and insight around my sister. I can feel an internal shift that is allowing me to be more open."

"Thanks for a great reading!!"

"Thank you for your listening ear and loving heart! I feel our sessions are extraordinary and I feel much happier with you in my life!"

"Thank you for your continued partnership in my transformative journey. I just wanted to thank you for your presence, your support and fluidity as we work together. The dialogue we had has helped me immensely to gain some perspective and detach. You are quite gifted and I am extremely grateful to B for helping me to connect with you. "

"Thanks for all your love and support. My life has become better through time because of your love and support."

"Again, thank you so much for bringing your energy, knowledge and intuition to our gathering. Your reading of my chart left me very excited about the direction of my work, in movement and dance... It was great having you here."

"Dear Joanne, thank you for being such a remarkable support in helping my "eagle-sun" take flight!"

"Sorry this has taken so long - I just got home yesterday, and somehow in the hospital getting my purse, my checkbook and envelope etc. seemed like a monumental task. Things are going well - 28 weeks as of today and I seem to be pretty stable (still on drugs and bed rest). Thank you for your work - it helped a lot; especially getting in touch with the baby (who we found out a week ago, is a girl!) Thanks again."

"Joanne, thank you so much for your positive support in preparation for my surgery. All went well, I am healing quickly. Your thoughts and prayers were also so appreciated."

"Thank you so much for yesterday. I feel so much better and in one piece...I feel myself... solid. It was a tremendous help. Thank you for your presence and love - that means a lot - that's a big part of the healing thing for me. I love you!"

"After I spoke with you it dawned on me what a blessing it is to have a mentor, teacher, therapist, elder that I DO feel comfortable talking to! Thank you for supporting and inspiring me to grow."

"I got the insight on the Full Moon. It was dead on. I feel vulnerable too. Focusing on development of my inner learning world and integrating my outer learning world. Thank you for your concern, your attention to me and attending to my process. I so appreciate your support."

"Hi, today is Tuesday, and by this evening I'll be finished with writing my drafts! Thank God! I can't tell you the sense of relief this brings. Such a sad kid who wrote them. Sometimes I'm impatient and irritated and what seems like endless blame and whining, other times I have a lot of compassion and tenderness for her. Tomorrow I'm going to take a medicine walk. I can't remember the ritual you told me last fall but it feels like it would be a good and cleansing thing to walk for hours around this area, feeling the energy of the place/the nature and offering prayers."

"Thank you for providing such a beautiful environment (in the Medicine Walk) giving all of us permission to be in conversation with our local ecological community. We appreciate that you have your own unique way and offered us so much with your blend of approaches. We look forward to being guided again and appreciate your being so generous with your time and gifts."

"Hi Joanne, I'm obviously in a heightened anxiety state precipitated by the two major changes in my life: changing my [intimate] relationship and changing my business. I'm finding I am able to gain clarity and a feeling of being more grounded while I go through the rollercoaster ride. Thanks for this gift."

"Thanks so much for today's session. Something deep inside me was soothed as a result of our work. What you said to me about Venus, the Moon, the astrological square in my and the aspects of the feminine that I'm seeking to integrate. I sincerely hope that these ambivalent alliances will become a thing of the past. Thank you again, and I'm looking forward to my next session."

"What a magnificent astrologer you are. The best I have ever had. I want my partner to have a reading and maybe then look at compatibilities between our two charts. Thanks again for the helpful helpful reading."

"Dear Joanne, thank you so very much for the deep holding and healing loving presence you give me. I'm eternally grateful."

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