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Joanne Masters, M.Ed., C.A.S., partial Ph.D. is an
Intuitive Astrologer and Life Transitions Guide.
In private practice for 30 years she has an international
clientele. Joanne does sessions by phone, Skype, and
in-person, from home and while traveling. She lives with
her husband John Masters on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

She has a partial Ph.D. in East-West Psychology from
California Institute of Integral Studies where she studied
eastern spiritual traditions and western psychologies
as well as transpersonal psychology with Stanislav Grof
and archetypal astrology with Rick Tarnas. Joanne further
developed her intuitive ability through private study with
internationally-known transpersonal psychic counselor
Anne Armstrong. Joanne and Anne taught workshops and
classes together, and conducted private intensive sessions
in the San Francisco, CA Bay area.

Joanne received a Masters of Education and Certificate of Advanced Study in Psychophysical Movement, from Springfield College, MA, in 1987. This program included an in-depth study of and practicum in mind-body counseling, psychology, body psychotherapies, anatomy, physiology and physics. In fulfillment of this degree, Joanne completed an 8-month internship at Pathways to Well Being, Vermont's oldest and most comprehensive holistic health center at that time. There she studied counseling methods and principles of consciousness from contemplative psychotherapy, healing, and spiritual development, and trained in Rebirthing, Breathwork, and working with voice, singing, touch. While completing this internship she did an intensive study of intuition, astrology and healing with Dina Yellen, Psychic Astrologer and Developer of Completion/Integration Healing. Joanne also trained in Korean martial art Moo Gong Do with Founder Master Dae Yong Kim, earned a black belt, and participated in advanced studies.

She integrates earth-based traditional knowledge from North and South America into her readings, healing work, writing, and teaching. From 1995 to 2008 she explored and trained in-depth healing traditions of South America. Joanne was a wilderness trip leader, rock climber, and camp counselor 1981-86 at residential wilderness camp North Country Camps, Adirondack Mountains, NY. She completed NOLS' (National Outdoor Leadership School) Outdoor Educators course, 1984, North Cascades Mtns., WA. She went on Vision Fast, 1988, and completed Intermediate Vision Fasting Leaders course 1989, in the Inyo Mts, CA, at School of Lost Borders, Big Pine, CA. She received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Lynchburg College, VA, 1982, and was the Program Director of the Bedford YMCA, Virginia,1982-84.

Joanne continues ongoing exploration of the natural world, astrology, healing, and spiritual practice. In her work she assists individuals in awakening to their essential nature and optimal well being.

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